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The Jackson v. Rawdon Case


The Jackson v. Rawdon Collection includes a variety of digitized court filings associated with the case.

TV News Coverage (KXAS/NBC)


This collection is made up of News Clips and News Scripts from the KXAS collection from the University of North Texas. KXAS-TV, formerly known as…

Southern School News Collection

VOL. 4, ISSUE 1 JULY 1957.pdf

The Southern School News resource was a monthly newspaper based in Nashville, Tennessee, that covered much of the school desegregation struggle…

Papers of the NAACP

May 1957 Board of Directors.pdf

The Board of Directors for the NAACP met monthly at their national headquarters and business discussed in these meetings was recorded in these papers.…

Local Records from Mansfield, Texas


This collection includes excerpts from the Mansfield African American Oral History Project, which was published in 1996. It also includes Mansfield…

Papers of Dwight D. Eisenhower

Telegram Eisenhower to Shivers 1952-10-3.jpg

This collection contains letters from President Eisenhower to Governor Shivers, press conference drafts and notes, press conference transcripts, an…

Papers of Governor Allan Shivers

Shivers Press Memorandum 1956-08-31 pt. 3.jpg

Collection of letters, memorandums, telegrams, and official statements from Governor Allan Shivers on positions of states' rights, presidential at…

Oral Histories


This collection includes oral history interviews with current and former residents of Mansfield who have varying experiences with integration.…

Images of The Mansfield Crisis

Rangers smiling with effigy.jpg

A collection of images of the crisis at Mansfield that include effigies hanging in front of the school and the mob crowded outside, to the Ku Klux…



This collection is comprised of local, state, and national newspapers. These newspapers cover the events at Mansfield before, during and after the…