Papers of Governor Allan Shivers

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Papers of Governor Allan Shivers


Papers of Governor Allan Shivers


Collection of letters, memorandums, telegrams, and official statements from Governor Allan Shivers on positions of states' rights, presidential at Mansfield High School. The question of interposition is explored as a possibility in circumventing the Supreme Court's decision in Brown v. Board. Shivers' support for Republican candidate Dwight Eisenhower is shown through official statements and letters to the President reflecting on the close ties the two developed. The Crisis at Mansfield is shown through the Governor's official orders sending the Texas Rangers to Mansfield and ensuring its continued segregation. Widespread support for Shivers' actions is evidenced by telegrams from citizens around the state. The lack of federal response to the crisis demonstrates the cautious approach Eisenhower took in avoiding a flare up with Allan Shivers and Texas.


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Collection Items

Press Memorandum Allan Shivers 1956-04-12
Shivers philosophy on states’ rights stressed the need to assert the power of the people in contrast to the growth of the federal government. The federal government had been acting against the wishes of many Texans which pressured Shivers to reaffirm…

Allan Shivers to The Advisory Committee on Segregation 1956-02-23
Shivers reaffirming his support for the interposition proposal and an amendment to the U.S Constitution clarifying and strengthening the Tenth Amendment.

Press Memorandum Allan Shivers 1956-02-23
Shivers proposed a referendum to Texas voters on the question of interposition by means of a constitutional amendment.

Palmer Hutcheson Telegram to Allan Shivers 1956-09-02
Telegram from Texas attorney Palmer Hutcheson to Gov. Shivers referring to Tennessee Gov. Clement's efforts to desegregate schools peacefully and to the effigy hung at Mansfield High School.

Telegram Early Northrup to Allan Shivers 1956-08-31
Telegram suggesting the governor and attorney general ban the NAACP from operating in Texas for instigating riots.

Telegram Joe Pool to Allan Shivers 1956-08-31
A telegram from State Representative Joe Pool asking Governor Shivers to call a special legislative session to outlaw the NAACP in Texas. Many citizens around the state shared the Governor’s opinion that the Mansfield crisis was instigated by the…

Allan Shivers to Rep. Joe Pool 1956-09
Shivers’ response to State Representative Joe Pool. The Governor denied the request for a special session of the legislature to consider outlawing the NAACP’s practices in Texas for the moment.

Allan Shivers to Robert Hayes 1956-09
A letter from Allan Shivers to Robert "Bob" Hayes thanking him for his support during the Mansfield Crisis. Shivers views the majority of responses to his Mansfield decision as favorable.

Press Memorandum Allan Shivers 1956-10-30
The two press memorandums from Allan Shivers discusses the presentation of an autographed portrait of President Eisenhower. In addition the second press memorandum displays disappointment that Eisenhower had to cancel a speech in Dallas and praises…

Press Memorandum Allan Shivers 1956-08-31 Part I
A press memorandum from Allan Shivers that discusses receiving a telegram from L. Clifford Davis. The memorandum states that the Governor's Office has not received any request for assistance from the Tarrant County sheriff. In addition the memorandum…
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