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This collection includes oral history interviews with current and former residents of Mansfield who have varying experiences with integration. Interviewees include Floyd Moody, John Howard Hicks, Brenda Norwood and Kenneth Pressley.


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Floyd Moody talks about what he did for leisure growing up in Mansfield.
Floyd Moody talks about Farr Best Theater in Mansfield.

Floyd Moody talks about his satisfaction with the way things went.
Floyd Moody recalls that he was satisfied with being able to graduate with his friends and continue to play football at IM Terrell rather than going to Mansfield High School.

Pastor Floyd Moody records an oral history interview with student Kim Moody (no relation).
Pastor Floyd Moody, a plaintiff in Jackson v. Rawdon, discusses his life in Mansfield during the Jim Crow era, the crisis itself, and the integration of Mansfield during a 2015 oral history interview.

Brenda Norwood discusses sitting at the back of the bus and receiving secondhand books.

Brenda Norwood discusses discrimination against African Americans, including lack of access to water, riding in the back of the bus and using secondhand books.

Brenda Norwood discusses more about the first day of integration, including the crowd that gathered that day. Some members of the crowd taunted the African American students and called out derogatory names, Norwood said in an oral history interview.

Floyd Moody talks about news media coming to IM Terrell.
After early negotiations at Mansfield High School, Floyd Moody went on to IM Terrell, when news media started showing up at IM Terrell, he remembers classmates saying, "black folk trying to go to a white folk school, they are going to kill you."

Floyd Moody talks about a picture taken in front of a Mansfield bus.
Floyd Moody talks about a picture with students in front of a Mansfield bus. Moody also talks about there being only one black high school in all of Tarrant County.

Brenda Norwood, an African American senior when Mansfield High School integrated, discusses what life was like at the school during an oral history interview.

Brenda Norwood, member of the Mansfield High School senior class of 1965-66, discusses the first day of integration at Mansfield High School.
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