Papers of the NAACP

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Papers of the NAACP


Meeting minutes and correspondence from the national office of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People


The Board of Directors for the NAACP met monthly at their national headquarters and business discussed in these meetings was recorded in these papers. Although there was little mention of the Mansfield crisis in their meetings, we did find correspondence regarding the ouster case against the organization, State of Texas v. NAACP, and the thoughts of the leadership on how to proceed in the state once the case was resolved.


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National Association for the Advancement of Colored People


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NAACP Board of Directors Meeting-May 1957
NAACP Secretary Roy Wilson attempted to persuade the Board of Directors not to file an appeal after Judge Otis T. Dunangan placed a permanent injunction on the organization in the State of Texas v. NAACP case. Despite the injunction, the NAACP was…

NAACP Departmental Report-February 1959
Clarence Laws informed the NAACP Board of Directors that twelve chapters have 50 or more members. He also discussed problems within leadership of certain chapters. Texas chapters made a comeback in the years following efforts of the Texas attorney…

NAACP Board of Directors Meeting-September 1957
The Board of Directors discussed the possibility of filing an appeal in the State of Texas v. NAACP case. Judge Otis T. Dunagan placed a less severe injunction on the organization following a trial in April but allowed it to continue operation in the…

Report at NAACP Annual Meeting-January 1957
NAACP executive secretary Roy Wilson spoke to the Board of Directors at their annual meeting in January of 1957. The following transcript of that meeting in the NAACP Papers shows him discussing litigation against the NAACP in Louisiana, Alabama, and…
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