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This collection is comprised of local, state, and national newspapers. These newspapers cover the events at Mansfield before, during and after the crisis in detail. This collection also covers the story of Mansfield when it integrates in 1965.


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Collection Items

Austin American, “Justice Minton Permits Mansfield Delay Petition”
The Austin American Newspaper also includes a detailed account of the court proceeds evolving Mansfield. On September 2nd the newspaper published an article that includes the fight for Mansfield to legally remain segregated. Attorney for the…

Brownsville Herald 1956-08-30
These two article discuss the situation in Mansfield and Fort Worth. The first article gives scant details about the scene at Mansfield other than a police presence and a “group” estimated at 200 men and women. While the situation in Mansfield was…

Amarillo Daily News 1956-09-06
This article gives the reader the insight to the federal response to integration. As President Eisenhower pleads for moderation in the segregation “dispute”, he informs the nation that he will not intervene unless a state or local government cannot…

Amarillo Daily News 1956-09-05
This article brings the Mansfield Crisis into focus with other segregation issues around the state as well as locally to Amarillo. While discussing racial problems in Alvarado, a town near Amarillo, the article also keeps the reader updated on the…

Amarillo Daily News 1956-09-03
This article relates the still simmering tensions in Mansfield. While stating that nothing happened over the weekend, it leaves no doubt that the mob will return on Tuesday to continue to keep black students from enrolling. It also apprises the…

Amarillo Daily News 1956-09-01
This article, and the picture that accompanied it on the front page, builds the tension that had already started to boil the day before. It details the mobs’ efforts to search for blacks’ on incoming school buses, as well as a confrontation and…

Amarillo Daily News 1956-08-31
This article focuses on the anger of white residents towards the mandate of integration. That anger is directed at black residents who would try to register, the County Sheriff who showed up at the school, and the Judges who are mandating…

Amarillo Daily News 1956-08-30
This article relates the reaction from a Federal District judge to an effigy found hanging on Main Street in Mansfield. Equating the seriousness of the effigy to voter fraud, the judge also hints that more trouble may be coming to Mansfield in the…

Ft. Worth Star Telegram 1956-09-06
Continued coverage of the mob at Mansfield and offers a picture of the effigy hanging above the front doors of the high school.
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