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Allan Shivers to The Advisory Committee on Segregation 1956-02-23.jpeg
Shivers reaffirming his support for the interposition proposal and an amendment to the U.S Constitution clarifying and strengthening the Tenth Amendment.

Press Memorandum Shivers 1956-02-23.jpeg
Shivers proposed a referendum to Texas voters on the question of interposition by means of a constitutional amendment.

Shivers Press Memorandum 1956-01-27.jpg
A press memorandum from Allan Shivers discussing a letter sent to Virginia Governor Stanley and his interest in "interposition." The memorandum states that Shivers appointed a fifteen-member committee to study the issue from a "legal and educational…

VOL. 2, ISSUE 8 FEBRUARY 1956.pdf
Governor Shivers expressed great interest in "interposition" breaking an official silence on that subject. NAACP officials in a statewide meeting held in Austin decided to attack. "vigorously" in court the segregation of Negroes in schools parks,…
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