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Allan Shivers to The Advisory Committee on Segregation 1956-02-23.jpeg
Shivers reaffirming his support for the interposition proposal and an amendment to the U.S Constitution clarifying and strengthening the Tenth Amendment.

Shivers to Rep. Joe Pool 1956-09.jpg
Shivers’ response to State Representative Joe Pool. The Governor denied the request for a special session of the legislature to consider outlawing the NAACP’s practices in Texas for the moment.

Shivers to Bob 1956-09.jpg
A letter from Allan Shivers to Robert "Bob" Hayes thanking him for his support during the Mansfield Crisis. Shivers views the majority of responses to his Mansfield decision as favorable.

Murchison to Shivers 1952-10-07.jpg
A letter from Clint Murchison to Allan Shivers confirming that 600,000 copies of The Daily Texan were sent to "every rural route box in Texas." The newspaper highlights the support Texans have for Dwight Eisenhower and indicates a strong movement by…

Mamie Eisenhower to Shivers 1956-10-06.jpg
A letter from President Eisenhower's wife, Mamie, to Shivers thanking him for telegrams sent to the President. She states that President Eisenhower is poor health but "feeling stronger."

Hayes to Shivers 1956-09-04.jpg
A letter from a Texas citizen to Allan Shivers commending him on his actions in Mansfield, TX. In addition the letter discusses rumors that Shivers will be leaving public office to accept the position of president of a "big Houston bank."

1953_07_21_Shivers_from_DDE (5).pdf
Dwight D. Eisenhower responds to Allan Shivers concerns on the Supreme Court case (Brown v. Board of Education). Eisenhower assures Shivers that his concerns have been acknowledged.

Eisenhower to Shivers 1955-07-06.jpg
A letter from President Eisenhower to Allan Shivers thanking him for the letter concerning his wedding anniversary.

Eisenhower to Shivers 1955-04-25.jpg
A letter from President Eisenhower to Allan Shivers thanking him for the delivery of a portable barbecue pit. The letter also discusses Eisenhower meeting Shivers before he would receive the letter.

Eisenhower to Shivers 1955-04-04.jpg
A letter from President Eisenhower to Allan Shivers accepting a portable barbecue pit as a gift. In addition Eisenhower discusses establishing a date for a future portait to be made.
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