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The excerpt discusses part of what led to integration efforts in Mansfield. Deacons of the Bethlehem Baptist Church thought if they were paying taxes in the town and had to pay for their children to ride the buses to Fort Worth to school, there must…

“Mac” Moody brings up T.M. Moody, who was involved in the effort to integrate Mansfield schools. He was harassed because of this, which is explained in the transcript, but he still wanted to fight for equal rights. Although he did not have children,…

McClendon Moody continues to speak about the integration process in Mansfield and what brought about the discussion. The supplies the African American children used were not very good and this gave T.M. Moody the idea to pursue integration. He was…

Maggie Jackson Briscoe discusses a conversation she had with a woman in a nursing home about praying about the integration issue.

Maggie Jackson Briscoe shares her thoughts on the eventual integration of Mansfield schools.

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Kenneth Pressley discusses why he thinks some Mansfield residents were upset about the integration efforts of 1956 during an oral history interview.

KP discusses when integration actually happened.wav
Kenneth Pressley discusses when integration in Mansfield schools took place in 1965.

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Kenneth Pressley discusses the events he witnessed at Mansfield High School in 1956 during the attempt to integrate the school. He says now it seems like "it's just a part of history."

KP discusses effigies, other memories.wav
Kenneth Pressley discusses his memories of the scene at Mansfield High School in 1956, including the hanging effigy. "It was a different world back then," Pressley said.

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Floyd Moody says, "What really bothered me is the fact that our President, Eisenhower didn't do anything about anything."
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