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Nov 8, 1955 MISD Minutes.JPG
One day after court proceedings in Jackson v. Rawdon, a school board meeting is called and a contract with T.M. Moody from 1950, allowing him use of water from the "colored" school is discontinued.

McClendon Moody continues to speak about the integration process in Mansfield and what brought about the discussion. The supplies the African American children used were not very good and this gave T.M. Moody the idea to pursue integration. He was…

“Mac” Moody brings up T.M. Moody, who was involved in the effort to integrate Mansfield schools. He was harassed because of this, which is explained in the transcript, but he still wanted to fight for equal rights. Although he did not have children,…

J. Brooks On Threats Against Moody-5.mp4
Jossie Brooks recalls the threats made against T.M. Moody after the Crisis of 1956.

Bethlehem Baptist Church - Mural 3-2.JPG
When the addition of the T. M. Moody building was completed in 2006 at the Bethlehem Baptist Church, in west Mansfield, the church commissioned a mural in the entrance depicting the events of the Mansfield Crisis. T.M. Moody, the focal point of this…
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