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Floyd Moody talks about going for water, doing homework by a kerosine lamp, and cutting wood to heat up the house on a wood stove.

KP discusses when integration actually happened.wav
Kenneth Pressley discusses when integration in Mansfield schools took place in 1965.

In Mansfield, everyday life for African Americans was made difficult by Jim Crow laws. Tasks as simple as buying a new pair of shoes were not easy for African Americans. They went into the store knowing their size because they were not allowed to…

J. Brooks On Bethlehem Baptist Church-1.mp4
Jossie Brooks discusses the mural in the T. M. Moody building at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Mansfield, Texas, and gives a brief history of the church.

Rangers smiling with effigy.jpg
On August 31, 1956 segregationists gathered at the Mansfield High School to prevent African American students from registering for the upcoming school year. The same day Governor Allan Shivers dispatched Texas Rangers to Mansfield as a sign to…

Rangers with white locals.jpg
Governor Allan Shivers ordered Texas Rangers to be dispatched in an effort to maintain order at the school as segregationists gathered to protest the federal court order to integrate students in 1956. The National Association for the Advancement of…

Continued coverage of the mob at Mansfield and offers a picture of the effigy hanging above the front doors of the high school.

Telegram to Shivers 1956-09-02.jpg
Telegram from Texas attorney Palmer Hutcheson to Gov. Shivers referring to Tennessee Gov. Clement's efforts to desegregate schools peacefully and to the effigy hung at Mansfield High School.

Telegram to Shivers 1956-08-31.jpg
Telegram suggesting the governor and attorney general ban the NAACP from operating in Texas for instigating riots.

Telegram Pool to Shivers 1956-08-31.jpg
A telegram from State Representative Joe Pool asking Governor Shivers to call a special legislative session to outlaw the NAACP in Texas. Many citizens around the state shared the Governor’s opinion that the Mansfield crisis was instigated by the…
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