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J. Brooks On Westside Mansfield-7.mp4
Jossie Brooks describes the changes she saw in the west side of town since her arrival in 1943.

JHH after Crisis.mp4
John Howard Hicks discusses whether the city of Mansfield has atoned for the way they handled desegregation of high school in 1956.

JHH Bus Rides.mp4
John Howard Hicks, Mansfield high school student bussed to I. M. Terrell in Ft Worth in 1953 to 1957, tells about the daily rides to school. African-American high school students were taken by Continental Bus because of segregation of the public…

JHH Cemetery Fence.mp4
John Howard Hicks talks about the Mansfield Cemetery Fence that separates the white and African-American grave sites. Considers removal of the fence to help heal old wounds.

JHH Cemetery.mp4
John Howard Hicks talks about his ancestors buried in the Mansfield Cemetery, and the disarray of the African-American grave sites.

JHH First Day of School.mp4
John Howard Hicks, Mansfield high school student bused to I.M. Terrell in Ft. Worth, talks about his first day of school on the day of the desegregation crisis in 1956. It was his preference to go to the school in Ft. Worth and not Mansfield High…

JHH on Photo.mp4
John Howard Hicks, Mansfield high school student bused to I.M. Terrell in Ft. Worth because of Mansfield High School's segregation policy, discusses the picture taken of the five students by the bus that drove them to Ft. Worth.

JHH on Saturdays.mp4
John Howard Hicks, long time Mansfield resident, tells how the African-Americans would meet in town on a street corner in Mansfield, to hang out and tell stories.

KP, discusses fed government.wav
Kenneth Pressley discusses why he thinks some Mansfield residents were upset about the integration efforts of 1956 during an oral history interview.

KP discusses when integration actually happened.wav
Kenneth Pressley discusses when integration in Mansfield schools took place in 1965.
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