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VOL. 2, ISSUE 8 FEBRUARY 1956.pdf
Governor Shivers expressed great interest in "interposition" breaking an official silence on that subject. NAACP officials in a statewide meeting held in Austin decided to attack. "vigorously" in court the segregation of Negroes in schools parks,…

VOL. 3, ISSUE 6 DECEMBER 1956.pdf
State District Judge Otis T. Dunagan of Tyler started hearings Dec. 3 on the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People to hold the next trial of the state's ouster suit (State of Texas v. NAACP). The NAACP dropped its appeal to the…

VOL. 3, ISSUE 10 APRIL 1957.pdf
Dist. Judge Otis T. Dunagan rejected NAACP's motion to move the trial from Tyler to Dallas or Austin and set a trial for April 15 on the state's request for permanent injunction against the NAACP. At the request of former Attorney General John Ben…

Adams to Shivers 1952-11-21.jpg
A letter from President Eisenhower's Chief-of-Staff, Sherman Adams, thanking Allan Shivers for his support during the 1952 Presidential election. The letter indicates the level of gratitude towards Texas Governor Shivers from Eisenhower's…

Sherman Adams, the White House Chief of Staff suggest that Allan Shivers is a potential Vice-President candidate for the Eisenhower administration in the 1956 presidential election. This demonstrates the political influence of Shivers.

Sept 27, 1955 MISD Minutes.JPG
During a regular school board meeting on September 27, 1955, a reports were given by the segregation committee and the bus driver for "negro bus".

Robyn Ladino, author of "Desegregating Texas Schools: Eisenhower, Shivers, and the Crisis at Mansfield High" asks the Attorney General, Herbert Brownell some questions about the events that led to the crisis, and the crisis itself.

Hayes to Shivers 1956-09-04.jpg
A letter from a Texas citizen to Allan Shivers commending him on his actions in Mansfield, TX. In addition the letter discusses rumors that Shivers will be leaving public office to accept the position of president of a "big Houston bank."

NAACP executive secretary Roy Wilson spoke to the Board of Directors at their annual meeting in January of 1957. The following transcript of that meeting in the NAACP Papers shows him discussing litigation against the NAACP in Louisiana, Alabama, and…

Shivers Press Memorandum 1956-10-30.jpg
The two press memorandums from Allan Shivers discusses the presentation of an autographed portrait of President Eisenhower. In addition the second press memorandum displays disappointment that Eisenhower had to cancel a speech in Dallas and praises…
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