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Jackson v Rawdon - plaintiff motion for preliminary injunction.pdf
On October 7, 1955, L. Clifford Davis filed a request for preliminary injunction to enjoin and restrain the defendants, including O.C. Rawdon, School Board President, and R.L. Huffman. Mansfield School District Superintendent.

Jackson v Rawdon_Show Cause Order.pdf
Hearing is set for Jackson v. Rawdon, November 7, 1955.

1956 May 7 US Court of Appeals Appellant Brief.pdf
Appellant Brief filed with US Court of Appeals on May 7, 1956 by L. Clifford Davis requesting reversal in Fifth District Court in the case of Jackson v. Rawdon.

J. Brooks On Busing To And From Fort Worth-2.mp4
Jossie Brooks recounts the daily trips Mansfield's black students embarked on to and from school in Fort Worth, Texas.

J. Brooks On Farr Best Movie Theater-3.mp4
Jossie Brooks recalls the segregated town theater, Farr Best Movie Theater, in Mansfield, Texas.

After the display of mob violence U.S. Supreme Court Justin Minton grants Mansfield high school the opportunity to delay the court order issued by Estes. This delay would allow the Mansfield school board to lawfully refrain from opening the high…

Mansfield Community Cemetery.JPG
There was a time that even the cemetery in Mansfield, Texas was divided by race. The fence and sign dividing the “Whites Only” cemetery from “The Old Negro Graveyard” still remains. At some point “Negro” was erased and replaced with “Colored,” a…

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 2.21.28 PM.png
Document stating unanimous decision by the school board not to integrate for the 1956-1957 school year. The final paragraph in the document states that if the document is denied, rather than be jailed, the board will comply with the provisions of…

March 27, 1956 MISD Minutes.JPG
Discussion of "segregation problem" at Mansfield School Board meeting.

Nov 8, 1955 MISD Minutes.JPG
One day after court proceedings in Jackson v. Rawdon, a school board meeting is called and a contract with T.M. Moody from 1950, allowing him use of water from the "colored" school is discontinued.
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