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Telegram Eisenhower to Shivers 1952-10-3.jpg
A telegram from Dwight Eisenhower to Allan Shivers thanking him for a speech in Eisenhower's favor and support in his presidential campaign. In addition the telegram invites Shivers to Eisenhower's birthday at San Antonio.

Shivers Official Statement 1955-09-18.jpg
Shivers’ endorsement of President Eisenhower for reelection in 1956. Eisenhower’s support for the Texas tidelands claim, along with his stance on separation of powers and states’ rights, ensured Shivers’ endorsement in 1952 and 1956.

Official Statement Shivers 1952-10-22.jpg
Shivers’ support for Eisenhower demonstrated his desire to place political issues before party loyalty. Supporting a Republican for president was controversial, but helped reaffirm Shivers’ stance on conservative principles and states’ rights.

Sherman Adams, the White House Chief of Staff suggest that Allan Shivers is a potential Vice-President candidate for the Eisenhower administration in the 1956 presidential election. This demonstrates the political influence of Shivers.

Allan Shivers writes to a friend that he'll campaign for Dwight D. Eisenhower in the 1956 presidential election. Shivers states that Eisenhower has fulfilled his promises for returning the tidelands and ending the war in Korea, and those were…

A letter from Allan Shivers congratulating Dwight D. Eisenhower for his presidential victory. Shivers states that Texas will co-operate with Eisenhower for a "stronger America in a peaceful world". This demonstrates the start of Shivers and…
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