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BN discusses the crowd awaiting at MHS on first day of integration.wav
Brenda Norwood discusses more about the first day of integration, including the crowd that gathered that day. Some members of the crowd taunted the African American students and called out derogatory names, Norwood said in an oral history interview.

During the protest against desegregation at Mansfield High School, John Pyles held a baby alligator as a warning to any African American who appeared on the school grounds that they would be "gator bait."

A crowd assembled at the Mansfield High School grounds on August 31, 1956 to protest the registration of three African American students. The crowd included angry residents instructed to comply with a federal district court order. Heated exchanges…

The Mansfield community gathered on school grounds on Thursday, August 30, 1956 to prevent three African American students from registering at the high school. The size of the crowd reported in newspapers ranged from 200 to 500 on both Thursday and…
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