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Mansfield schools history - 1929 yearbook.pdf
The pages from the year book discuss the history of Mansfield and the beginning of the school system prior to 1956.

Jim Crow laws marginalized African Americans by denying them access to private businesses and public facilities, creating "separate but equal" conditions. For example, many black Americans were forced to eat in the back of some establishments or not…

Shivers to Rep. Joe Pool 1956-09.jpg
Shivers’ response to State Representative Joe Pool. The Governor denied the request for a special session of the legislature to consider outlawing the NAACP’s practices in Texas for the moment.

Shivers to Bob 1956-09.jpg
A letter from Allan Shivers to Robert "Bob" Hayes thanking him for his support during the Mansfield Crisis. Shivers views the majority of responses to his Mansfield decision as favorable.

Amarillo Daily News 1956-08-30.jpg
This article relates the reaction from a Federal District judge to an effigy found hanging on Main Street in Mansfield. Equating the seriousness of the effigy to voter fraud, the judge also hints that more trouble may be coming to Mansfield in the…

Amarillo Daily News 1956-08-31.jpg
This article focuses on the anger of white residents towards the mandate of integration. That anger is directed at black residents who would try to register, the County Sheriff who showed up at the school, and the Judges who are mandating…

Amarillo Daily News 1956-09-01.jpg
This article, and the picture that accompanied it on the front page, builds the tension that had already started to boil the day before. It details the mobs’ efforts to search for blacks’ on incoming school buses, as well as a confrontation and…

Bethlehem Baptist Church - Mural 3-2.JPG
When the addition of the T. M. Moody building was completed in 2006 at the Bethlehem Baptist Church, in west Mansfield, the church commissioned a mural in the entrance depicting the events of the Mansfield Crisis. T.M. Moody, the focal point of this…

Brownsville Herald 1956-08-30.jpg
These two article discuss the situation in Mansfield and Fort Worth. The first article gives scant details about the scene at Mansfield other than a police presence and a “group” estimated at 200 men and women. While the situation in Mansfield was…

Floyd Moody talks about going for water, doing homework by a kerosine lamp, and cutting wood to heat up the house on a wood stove.
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