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Shivers to Rep. Joe Pool 1956-09.jpg
Shivers’ response to State Representative Joe Pool. The Governor denied the request for a special session of the legislature to consider outlawing the NAACP’s practices in Texas for the moment.

Shivers to Bob 1956-09.jpg
A letter from Allan Shivers to Robert "Bob" Hayes thanking him for his support during the Mansfield Crisis. Shivers views the majority of responses to his Mansfield decision as favorable.

Shivers Press Memorandum 1956-08-31 pt. 3.jpg
A press memorandum from Allan Shivers that discusses receiving a telegram from L. Clifford Davis. The memorandum states that the Governor's Office has not received any request for assistance from the Tarrant County sheriff. In addition the memorandum…

Shivers Press Memorandum 1956-08-31.jpg
The Governor’s orders sending the Texas Rangers to Mansfield High School to keep the peace on August 31, 1956. The presence of Texas Rangers would ensure the failure of integration in Mansfield. Rather than enforce court orders on integration,…

Hayes to Shivers 1956-09-04.jpg
A letter from a Texas citizen to Allan Shivers commending him on his actions in Mansfield, TX. In addition the letter discusses rumors that Shivers will be leaving public office to accept the position of president of a "big Houston bank."

After the display of mob violence U.S. Supreme Court Justin Minton grants Mansfield high school the opportunity to delay the court order issued by Estes. This delay would allow the Mansfield school board to lawfully refrain from opening the high…

After Mansfield High School was ordered to desegregate an effigy was hung in protest of the decision. The Effigy was hung in Mansfield’s main street on wires. Signs were attached to both feet of the dummy and red paint was splattered across the…

Robyn Ladino, author of "Desegregating Texas Schools: Eisenhower, Shivers, and the Crisis at Mansfield High" asks the Attorney General, Herbert Brownell some questions about the events that led to the crisis, and the crisis itself.

The Attorney General of the Eisenhower Administration shares his recollection to Robyn Ladino on the "Mansfield Crisis" almost 40 years later.

Mansfield schools history - 1929 yearbook.pdf
The pages from the year book discuss the history of Mansfield and the beginning of the school system prior to 1956.
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