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Amarillo Daily News 1956-09-03.jpg
This article relates the still simmering tensions in Mansfield. While stating that nothing happened over the weekend, it leaves no doubt that the mob will return on Tuesday to continue to keep black students from enrolling. It also apprises the…

Amarillo Daily News 1956-09-05.jpg
This article brings the Mansfield Crisis into focus with other segregation issues around the state as well as locally to Amarillo. While discussing racial problems in Alvarado, a town near Amarillo, the article also keeps the reader updated on the…

Amarillo Daily News 1956-09-06.jpg
This article gives the reader the insight to the federal response to integration. As President Eisenhower pleads for moderation in the segregation “dispute”, he informs the nation that he will not intervene unless a state or local government cannot…

An effigy prominently displayed from a flagpole on school grounds is hoisted in the early morning hours on Thursday, August 30, 1956. The citizens of the Mansfield community gathered on school grounds to protest court-ordered integration. Later in…

The Austin American Newspaper also includes a detailed account of the court proceeds evolving Mansfield. On September 2nd the newspaper published an article that includes the fight for Mansfield to legally remain segregated. Attorney for the…

Bethlehem Baptist Church - Mural 3-2.JPG
When the addition of the T. M. Moody building was completed in 2006 at the Bethlehem Baptist Church, in west Mansfield, the church commissioned a mural in the entrance depicting the events of the Mansfield Crisis. T.M. Moody, the focal point of this…

BN discusses discrimination against African Americans.wav
Brenda Norwood discusses discrimination against African Americans, including lack of access to water, riding in the back of the bus and using secondhand books.

BN discusses the crowd awaiting at MHS on first day of integration.wav
Brenda Norwood discusses more about the first day of integration, including the crowd that gathered that day. Some members of the crowd taunted the African American students and called out derogatory names, Norwood said in an oral history interview.

BN discusses sitting at the back of the bus and using secondhand textbooks.wav
Brenda Norwood discusses sitting at the back of the bus and receiving secondhand books.

BN, first day of integration.wav
Brenda Norwood, member of the Mansfield High School senior class of 1965-66, discusses the first day of integration at Mansfield High School.
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