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1956, August 17 US Court of Appeals Mandate.pdf
Mandate in the case of Jackson v. Rawdon witnessed and signed by Chief Justice Earl Warren of the US Supreme Court, dated August 17, 1956.

1956, June 28 US Court of Appeals - Opinion.pdf
The opinion of Chief Judge Hutchison on June 28, 1956 in the case of Jackson v. Rawdon, brought before the US Court of Appeals was that the dismissal of the case by the Fifth Circuit court was incorrect, the decision was reversed and remanded with…

1956, May 23 Appellee's Brief.pdf
Appellee's Brief filed with US Court of Appeals on May 23, 1956 by J.A. "Tiny" Gooch on behalf of O.C. Rawdon and Mansfield School Board members.

1956 May 7 US Court of Appeals Appellant Brief.pdf
Appellant Brief filed with US Court of Appeals on May 7, 1956 by L. Clifford Davis requesting reversal in Fifth District Court in the case of Jackson v. Rawdon.

Albert Gore Letter to President regarding CRA 1964.pdf
A letter from Albert Gore to his constituents assuring them that he would not support the proposed civil rights bill unless amendments were made to make the bill like the previous Civil Rights Acts of 1957 and 1960.

KXAS/NBC5 Mansfield Report
KXAS report on Mansfield integration attempts in 1956, by Kristi Nelson.

Floyd Moody talks about going for water, doing homework by a kerosine lamp, and cutting wood to heat up the house on a wood stove.

Floyd Moody talks about Farr Best Theater in Mansfield.

Floyd Moody recalls that he was satisfied with being able to graduate with his friends and continue to play football at IM Terrell rather than going to Mansfield High School.

A state official served the Dallas branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People with legal papers restraining the organization from further operation until a trial is convened.
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