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Telegram Pool to Shivers 1956-08-31.jpg
A telegram from State Representative Joe Pool asking Governor Shivers to call a special legislative session to outlaw the NAACP in Texas. Many citizens around the state shared the Governor’s opinion that the Mansfield crisis was instigated by the…

Telegram to Shivers 1956-08-31.jpg
Telegram suggesting the governor and attorney general ban the NAACP from operating in Texas for instigating riots.

Hayes to Shivers 1956-09-04.jpg
A letter from a Texas citizen to Allan Shivers commending him on his actions in Mansfield, TX. In addition the letter discusses rumors that Shivers will be leaving public office to accept the position of president of a "big Houston bank."

Shivers Press Memorandum 1956-10-30.jpg
The two press memorandums from Allan Shivers discusses the presentation of an autographed portrait of President Eisenhower. In addition the second press memorandum displays disappointment that Eisenhower had to cancel a speech in Dallas and praises…

Shivers Press Memorandum 1956-08-31.jpg
The Governor’s orders sending the Texas Rangers to Mansfield High School to keep the peace on August 31, 1956. The presence of Texas Rangers would ensure the failure of integration in Mansfield. Rather than enforce court orders on integration,…

Shivers Press Memorandum 1956-08-31 pt. 3.jpg
A press memorandum from Allan Shivers that discusses receiving a telegram from L. Clifford Davis. The memorandum states that the Governor's Office has not received any request for assistance from the Tarrant County sheriff. In addition the memorandum…

Press Memorandum Shivers 1956-04-12.jpeg
Shivers philosophy on states’ rights stressed the need to assert the power of the people in contrast to the growth of the federal government. The federal government had been acting against the wishes of many Texans which pressured Shivers to reaffirm…

Press Memorandum Shivers 1956-02-23.jpeg
Shivers proposed a referendum to Texas voters on the question of interposition by means of a constitutional amendment.

Shivers Press Memorandum 1956-01-27.jpg
A press memorandum from Allan Shivers discussing a letter sent to Virginia Governor Stanley and his interest in "interposition." The memorandum states that Shivers appointed a fifteen-member committee to study the issue from a "legal and educational…

Telegram to Shivers 1956-09-02.jpg
Telegram from Texas attorney Palmer Hutcheson to Gov. Shivers referring to Tennessee Gov. Clement's efforts to desegregate schools peacefully and to the effigy hung at Mansfield High School.
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