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Pastor Floyd Moody, a plaintiff in Jackson v. Rawdon, discusses his life in Mansfield during the Jim Crow era, the crisis itself, and the integration of Mansfield during a 2015 oral history interview.

Davis, L. Clifford (OH# 1818).pdf
Transcript of an oral history interview with attorney L. Clifford Davis of Fort Worth, Texas

KP, discusses fed government.wav
Kenneth Pressley discusses why he thinks some Mansfield residents were upset about the integration efforts of 1956 during an oral history interview.

KP discusses when integration actually happened.wav
Kenneth Pressley discusses when integration in Mansfield schools took place in 1965.

KP discusses 56 events.wav
Kenneth Pressley discusses the events he witnessed at Mansfield High School in 1956 during the attempt to integrate the school. He says now it seems like "it's just a part of history."

KP discusses effigies, other memories.wav
Kenneth Pressley discusses his memories of the scene at Mansfield High School in 1956, including the hanging effigy. "It was a different world back then," Pressley said.

J. Brooks On Westside Mansfield-7.mp4
Jossie Brooks describes the changes she saw in the west side of town since her arrival in 1943.

J. Brooks On Voting-6.mp4
Jossie Brooks describes her first voting experiences while in her 30s.

J. Brooks on Voting.avi
Jossie Brooks discusses when she was first able to vote in an election.

J. Brooks On Threats Against Moody-5.mp4
Jossie Brooks recalls the threats made against T.M. Moody after the Crisis of 1956.
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