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Transcript of Shivers's oral history interview

Davis, L. Clifford (OH# 1818).pdf
Transcript of an oral history interview with attorney L. Clifford Davis of Fort Worth, Texas

J. Brooks on Voting.avi
Jossie Brooks discusses when she was first able to vote in an election.

J. Brooks On Bethlehem Baptist Church-1.mp4
Jossie Brooks discusses the mural in the T. M. Moody building at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Mansfield, Texas, and gives a brief history of the church.

J. Brooks On Busing To And From Fort Worth-2.mp4
Jossie Brooks recounts the daily trips Mansfield's black students embarked on to and from school in Fort Worth, Texas.

J. Brooks On Shopping In Mansfield-4.mp4
Jossie Brooks describes the rules that black residents were forced to abide by when they had the means to shop in town.

J. Brooks On Farr Best Movie Theater-3.mp4
Jossie Brooks recalls the segregated town theater, Farr Best Movie Theater, in Mansfield, Texas.

J. Brooks On Threats Against Moody-5.mp4
Jossie Brooks recalls the threats made against T.M. Moody after the Crisis of 1956.

J. Brooks On Voting-6.mp4
Jossie Brooks describes her first voting experiences while in her 30s.
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