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!notice of summons_11_7_55and9_17_56_RLHuffman.pdf
Two separate notices regarding appearances by R.L. Huffman.

The first is notification sent informing J.A. Gooch of oral deposition of Huffman and Rawdon to take place on September 17, 1956.

The second document is an order for R.L. Huffman…

After Judge Estes determined that "This school board has shown that it is making a good faith effort towards integration, and should have a reasonable length of time to solve its problems and end segregation in the Mansfield Independent School…

Judge Estes dismisses the case on behalf of the plaintiffs.

Sept 27, 1955 MISD Minutes.JPG
During a regular school board meeting on September 27, 1955, a reports were given by the segregation committee and the bus driver for "negro bus".

Nov 8, 1955 MISD Minutes.JPG
One day after court proceedings in Jackson v. Rawdon, a school board meeting is called and a contract with T.M. Moody from 1950, allowing him use of water from the "colored" school is discontinued.

March 27, 1956 MISD Minutes.JPG
Discussion of "segregation problem" at Mansfield School Board meeting.

Oct 8, 1955 MISD Minutes.JPG
School Board minutes from a called meeting on October 8, 1955, the day after headlines in the Star-Telegram announcing that three "negro" students had applied for admission to Mansfield High School.

July 26, 1955 MISD Minutes.JPG
T.M. Moody requested several items from the Mansfield School board, in a regular meeting held on July 26, 1955, these requests were discussed.

Jackson v. Rawdon - Nov 21, 1955_Explanation by Judge Estes.pdf
Judge Estes gives an explanation for his decision in the case of Jackson v. Rawdon.

Jackson v Rawdon_Show Cause Order.pdf
Hearing is set for Jackson v. Rawdon, November 7, 1955.
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